Kamis, 06 November 2014

Relation Automobile Sales (Relasi Penjualan Mobil)

Consider the following relations for a database that keeps track of automobile sales in a car dealership (OPTION refers to some optional equipment installed on an automobile):

CAR(SerialNo, Model, Manufacturer, Price)
OPTION(SerialNo, OptionName, Price)
SALE(SalespersonID, SerialNo, Date, SalePrice)
SALESPERSON(SalespersonID, Name, Phone)

First, specify the foreign keys for this schema, stating any assumptions you make. Next, populate the relations with a few sample tuples, and then give an example of an insertion in the SALE and SALESPERSON relations that violates the referential integrity constraints and of another insertion that does not.

Relation Schema

Relation Schema with a few Sample Tuples

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